• Rose Wall Decal

Rose Wall Decal

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We spoke to Emma about the rose. It’s a symbol of strength and beauty. Fitting of the times. Emma provided a contemporary perspective of a familiar image.

Emma Regolini is a self-taught emerging visual artist and creative from Perth, Western Australia. Regolini began sharing her work online focusing on line-based art and more recently developing her practice offline with more abstract visuals. As a creative, Regolini has collaborated on swimwear and footwear capsule collections as well as developing artistic decal interiors for beautiful spaces.

Her collaborations have been featured in Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

Dimensions: L86 x H100 (in cms)


Wall Decal Information below:

Will my decal remove the paint on my wall?

The decals should not remove any paint from the wall on which it is applied. However it does depend on the quality of the paint. If wash-and-wear paint, or paint containing silicon has been used, the vinyl may struggle to stick to this paint (however this is very uncommon).

The decals should not mark the walls, however on the rare occasion that this does occur, steam or heat can be used to safely remove the decals (i.e. a warm wet cloth).

Can my decal go on a textured wall?

The decals cannot be applied to a textured or rough wall surface (however we're working to overcome this). The vinyl must be applied to a smooth wall surface. It is recommended that before applying the decal, the wall is cleaned or wiped down of any dust or grit.

How do I install my decal?

1. The decal will come with a step by step how-to-install manual. Once you receive your decal you should unroll it and try to flatten the design over night before applying it to your wall. Once the design is ready to be applied to the wall.

2. Remove the backing paper from the vinyl.

3. Hold the design in place on the wall.

4. Starting at the top of the design stick the decal onto the wall and smooth the design from the top down along the lines so that there are no bubbles. Run your fingers over the vinyl so that all lines are completely stuck to the wall.

5. Slowly begin to peel back the protective paper from the top of the decal from the top corners, down. Ensure to do this slowly. If any of the vinyl lifts, just gently pat down the vinyl to re-stick it to the wall.

6. Lastly, gently run your fingers over the lines to ensure the decal is well stuck to the wall.


 All decals are made to order. Please allow for up to 10 business working days before your order is shipped.