Studio Thier and van Daalen

Unicorn Mirror


Unicorn Mirror by Studio Thier and van Daleen.

Irregular lumps of factory overproduction plastics, translated into unique and striking circular accessories for in- and outdoor.

Studio Thier and van Daleen were fascinated by the unique shapes and beautiful bright colours of neglected lumps, found at a plastic processing factory. Where they select the most striking shapes and colours, while at the same time observe as a sculptor what they can make out of it. In the process of transformation, they cut the pieces by saw or mill it with CNC. Hence it is such a surprise to find out what is hidden inside, creating an exiting moment when the marbled pattern reveals itself when the two halves split.

Dimensions: L50 x W36 x H7 (cm)

ETA - 2 weeks and your order will be sent directly from the Netherlands.

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