Sheridan Tjhung

The Flower Candle Set in GLOW IN THE DARK


The 3D Flower Candle Holders are a miniature version of Sheridan Tjhungs Flower Bag. Using 3D print technology, each flower takes over 9 hours to print.

The Glow Flower Candle Holder is paired with a custom Glow-In-The-Dark candle, hand-poured in the Sheridan Tjhung studio. This particular candle is for ornamental use only and should not be lit. For Functional candle holders, please see the black & white sets.

The set includes two 40cm white taper candles set into individual flower holders, packaged in an engraved, sleek acrylic box, making them the perfect gift. 

CANDLE CARE & SAFETY: Please read before purchasing.
This candle is for ornamental use only. The wick does not run the whole length of the candle to prevent burning down to the holder.

The glow-in-the-dark flower holder is made strictly for use with the candle provided. The holder is made from a biodegradable plastic that may melt and/or catch alight if it comes into contact with a flame.

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