• Multi Necklace 2

Multi Necklace 2

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Dangerous Goods Jewellery is designed and made to be worn forever using sustainable, lasting materials. Hannah aims to design timeless pieces that can be passed between generations of wearers. 

Each piece of Dangerous Goods Jewellery is made individual from start to finish using the lost wax casting process and silversmithing techniques. Although some designs are similar no two pieces will ever be exactly the same as one another.

As a self-taught jeweller, Hannah's pieces embody experimentation and excitement. She is inspired by found objects, collecting practices, sculpture, nature, humour and popular jewellery symbols.

The multi necklace 2 made in New Zealand has lab grown alexandrite, lab grown pulled alexandrite, lab grown pink sapphire, second hand peridot, second hand moonstone, second hand amethyst, lab grown emeralds and tangled machine made chains. 

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