• Embroidered Rose Frill Bag - Hot Pink
  • Embroidered Rose Frill Bag - Hot Pink

Embroidered Rose Frill Bag - Hot Pink

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Romance Was Born is the contemporary Australian fashion house with a unique story telling vision. The renowned duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales met while studying fashion in 2005 and established the inimitable label Romance Was Born. The pair is known for their ability to transform any theme or seemingly random inspiration into a glittery glimmering fashion paradise. Their collections are full of breathtaking statement pieces and feature; covetable prints, hand worked details of appliqué or embroidery, intricate beading and intensely detailed sequinned elements

Romance Was Born collaborates with Meagan Pelham with their 
latest instalment created especially for romantic occasions.
This super sweet heart shaped bag features embroidered roses by Meagan Pelham on the front panel. It is oversize in design and has a padding inside to make it puff out, and its finished with a ruffled frill around the hearts edge with an inside pocket. j’adore! 
Material: 100% satin poly/ sequins
Made in Australia.