Mikaela Stafford

Reverie Print I by Mikaela Stafford

Mikaela Stafford is a motion graphics artist exploring themes of duplexity, abundance and joy aiming to depict the opportunities and challenges of a cyber-physical future. Integrating traditional methods of photography, sculpture and lighting design into her digitally rendered 3D animation and installation practice she creates vibrant and playful work.
With a background in stage design and painting, Stafford’s practice is particularly interested in the intersection between physical and virtual worlds; her work aims to confront and renegotiate our relationship to the real and the strange. Sprinkling the impossible with the familiar demonstrates how odd our realities can be.

Reverie I is 1/5 bespoke prints Mikaela will be designing for the Jolie Laide collection and we will be releasing the rest of the series every two weeks.

Dimensions: A1 (W60cm x H85cm) 
Framed with Tasmanian Oak and Japanese black oak polish. 

Framed prints available only within Australia and prints can be sent internationally. 


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