De La Jardin

Mio Vase in Cobalt Blue


THE MIO VASE in COBALT BLUE is a unique handmade decorative vessel sustainably made from paper clay developed from paper mâché using paper and card waste. A smooth and tactile piece, made with one ring handle painted in a matt finish.

Taking into consideration everyday waste, DE LA JARDIN hand sculpts each vessel using materials such as egg cartons, mail and cardboard packaging.

Made one piece at a time turning "trash into treasure" - a new twist to ceramics. A perfect ornamental piece on its own or with dried flowers.


- Due to its handmade and hand painted quality, each vase made is unique and one of a kind, therefore will look slightly different from the image displayed on here.
- Painted with a matt finish, it is best to handle with care and as it's not scratch resistant.
- Approx measurements: H 19.5cm x W 15cm inc handle.


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