Caroline Zimbalist

Berry Taffy Vase


Gelatin Large Planter by Caroline Zimbalist from NY.

Highlight favorite botanicals in your garden or indoors. The Gelatin Planter’s organic shape,

vivid colors and smooth texture make a perfect vase for greenery and florals, adding instant appeal to any outdoor or indoor setting.

Handmade of raw materials : gelatin and glycerin

Features a gloss finish

Planter has a drain hole.

Planters all vary in shape

Planter should be moved indoors or covered during the winter to prevent damage from freezing.

Made in the USA.

Dimensions: Approximately H45 x Base length 15cm  

Caroline Zimbalist constructs pieces by hand using nontraditional design processes and new textile techniques. As an artist, she is un-beholden to any single medium and often lets the materials dictate their final form.

Caroline has worked and exhibited with the best of the best even Gaetano Pesce...

Sent direct from NYC

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